Why We Have Two Shops

The Same But Different was built on the belief that the classic white button-down shirt has existed in hundreds of ways. This is an item that arguably every human has in their closet, it's a clean slate, a category-less piece of fashion. We set out to push the limits on the style, see how far we could go until it becomes something else, yet still remaining a clean white garment in the end. Enter The Shop where you'll find our foundational pieces. Bodies we love that will always stay with the brand. Like we said, there is almost an endless amount of white shirts awaiting a second life and we are here to give them that.   

We couldn't just go and produce a collection entirely of white garments...that'd be boring! The Stripe Shop is home to our one of a kind styles. Here you'll find the same styles in ginghams, stripes, solids - anything our little thrifting hearts desire. We understand you may really want that piece you saw on Instagram last month but due to the nature of how we source material, it is very difficult to find multiples of the same color or patterns. We will be announcing small drops into the stripe shop once a month so keep a close eye on your insta


Alex Zyndorf